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This event will take place between 3:45pm and 5:15pm on 06/12/2021

Termly meetings for those leading Music in ODBST schools.

About this event

Termly meetings for those leading Music in ODBST schools. An opportunity to receive updates, discuss current priorities and developments and to share practice and resources.

1. Introductions of Music leaders in each school

2. Musical background Information of Paula Shaw and Ian Newton (Network meeting coordinators)

3. Discussion around Music and how it is taught in each school –

• Focus Questions:

• How do you ensure music coverage at your school?

• What skills and talents do our school have and can offer?

• What Music schemes, if any, are you using?

• Ofsted Music Report and New Model Music Curriculum – have you seen these?

• Diversity - What instruments, songs or music listening do you have that reflect diversity?

4. Music Deep Dive Experience – Have you had one? Share experiences

5. Documents to support Music leadership:

• INTENT Statement

• Skills and progression

• Vocabulary progression

• Music Resources and websites (listening and singing)

• Monitoring Documents

• Pupil Voice Questions for Music

• Useful websites

6. Music Audit - Google Quiz to find out additional information – to complete

7. What support would Music leaders or staff like?

8. Next meeting: When, best day, how often


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