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This event will take place between 2:00pm and 3:30pm on 19/05/2021

We are keen to provide ODBST support for SENDCos and enable the sharing of already strong practice in schools. The sessions will be SENDCo led and we strongly encourage schools to join in and support these group.We are holding this meeting via Zoom, so each attendee will need to book via Eventbrite separately so we can email the login direct to them.

Please note that this is for ODBST schools only.

An ideal opportunity for those aspiring to senior leadership in schools to develop their knowledge and explore the types of topics and scenarios senior leaders face daily.

ODBST Aspirant Leaders Virtual Meeting

Tuesday 18 May 2021

3.45pm - 5.30pm online!


3.45pm Join the meeting and welcome: Eileen Northey, School Effectiveness Partner, ODBST

Examples of effective school leadership from members of our group

St Mary’s Aylesbury, Chesham Bois, Christ the Sower

4.30pm Financial management: Ruth Falkus, Chief Finance Officer, ODBST

This session will cover the key areas with regards to financial management in your school. It will include:

- budget preparation and monitoring

- key staff that should be involved in the process

- reporting to SLT and Governors

5.20pm AOB: please send questions to Eileen before the meeting: Eileen

- Future meetings.

5.30pm CLOSE

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