Local Governing Bodies

The Oxford Diocesan Bucks Schools Trust seeks to empower and support our academy schools to excel. 

Local Governing Bodies are a vital part of this process, providing strong leadership, community involvement and accountability to allow all of our children to thrive.

The Trust supports local governors and clerks to do this work in a variety of ways. These include providing:

  • Ongoing advice and support about local governors’ statutory and school improvement responsibilities
  • A telephone and email helpline
  • Support for clerks
  • Quality checking of minutes of meetings
  • Customised training courses
  • Access to training courses
  • Induction
  • Regular Briefing Sessions

We also administer the appointment of local governors to our academy schools.

The Trust’s Service Level Agreement with the Diocese gives our governing bodies access to their training opportunities.  Local Governing Bodies can access training by applying through the ODBE Website.